LTL / FTL Shipping

We offer you international transportation services with less than truckload and full trailer loads shipments.
Our reliable team will help you choose the suitable vehicles for a specific, fast and cost-effective solution.
Using our own and subcontractors vehicles enable us to adjust to the order volume as well as to the
customers needs and requests.
Thanks to our vast and practical knowledge in this field, we are able to offer customized solutions to you.
We are happy to solve for you the short-term take-over of all LTL and FTL.
Care and accuracy for you cargo transportation is a matter of course for us.
For this service, Distrans Logistic in on the roads, for You, in the following countries:







On our site, by accessing  Fleet,
you can daily see our vehicles all over Europe.
Your questions cand be directly sent to our team at : Contacts


We offer our customers:
  • Efficient order processing by modern, inteligent technologies
  • Our own transportation and spedition software
  • Accurate monitoring and control of shipping using the latest GPS technology
  • Goods and materials manipulation with no events
  •  Transportation insurance
  • Own clearance procedure
  • Own reservation
  • Shipment tracking by status interrogation
  • Availability 24 h / 7 days
  • All vehicles are provided with new equipment for cargo securement

All transportations are insured according to the CMR provisions.
Each transportation is carried out considering the deadline.
The direct contact with the drivers by latest generation
telecommunication and
satellite communication  ensure the required flexibility.

  • LTL / FTL  Shipping